Ray Bolger, Farmer Dance Routine, 1955 TV

Perez Prado - “Voodoo Suite” 

Jerry Lewis’ “Ladies Man” 

“Cielito Lindo” - Dick Van Dyke Show

"The Doodlin’ Song” 

“Under Paris Skies” Ray Bolger & Sylvia Lewis 

“Siren of Bagdad” 

“For Me and My Gal”  Ray Bolger & Sylvia Lewis 

“Tango” Ray Bolger  and Sylvia Lewis 

“Black is the Color of My True Love’s hair”  Sylvia Lewis - The Travelers Three - Jerry Glenn 

"Man With a Camera” 

“Manhattan Serenade” Ray Bolger, Sylvia Lewis, Pat Horn, Maurice Kelly 

“Gypsy Dance” Ray Bolger & Sylvia Lewis

“Parade of the Wooden Soldier” Ray Bolger & Sylvia Lewis 

“TV Beatniks” Johnny Staccato”  

“Russian Ballet Sketch” Jerry Lewis & Sylvia Lewis 

“Ain’t She Sweet?” Ray Bolger. Sylvia Lewis, Verna Felton, Georgine D’Arcy